Agritourism is nothing but an innocent joy of virgin culture i.e. agriculture. Here you get the extreme satisfaction of tourism. Here you get the source of food that we consume, a conversation with nature. Agritourism means to enjoy one day with farmer on his farm. See what crops he grown, if you want then perform what farm activity such as sowing, harvesting, ploughing, milking of cow, animal rearing he does, move through bullock cart or in trolley. Enjoy the simple food what he takes taste the raw food treasure on farm, enjoy several farm festivals such as Grape festival, Sugarcane festival, Jatra/Yatra festival with bullock cart race, mango festival, Vasubaras, Bail Pola, etc. Enjoy the rural entertainment such as Bharud, Lavani, Jagaran, Gondhal, etc. & take a peaceful sleep either under the roof at glittering sky or in farmer’s house.

Village tourism is nothing but become familiar with village, its structure, administration, religions, credit facilities, co-operative institutions, life,  protective wall of village(Tatbandi), gate of village (Ves), rural lifestyle in village, entertainment means of village, tradition & customs of village, weekly markets of village, beautiful sunrise sunset on the curve of mountains & all other village aspects.

Parashar agri & village tourism will give you the feeling of richness of that so called poverty; That richness which realizes by that boy whose rich father kept him at farmers house that boy explain that we are so poor, we have a swimming pool they have a big river for swimming. We have stars posted at roof of bedroom. They are sleeping under actual glittering stars. We get the milk from milkman they are from cow, we have vegetables in freeze they have in field, we have wall piece of bullock cart they have actual bullock cart, Daddy I want to be a rich at least for one day.

Parashar Agritourism
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