It is said that if you want to see the real India, then visit Indian villages. Hachiko Tourism is an organization which acts as a means to connect you to the country’s village roots. Visitors from India and abroad come to us to visit one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, our ancient heritage Ajanta – Ellora and other majestic monuments. While traversing the length and breadth of the country in search of famous places, tourists often miss out on the diverse and virgin Indian culture living in the quite corner of our villages, which is waiting to be explored. After visiting a village in the heartland of the country, you may come to know why India, ‘Patron of World’, stands different with two aspects in its culture i.e.”Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

Through Hachiko Tourism, you can see this untouched form of India, present in the country since it was called “Bharat Varsh” and get a taste of desi tourism – India Tourism. Because India is a mystery of land and a land of mystery, a country of celebration, colors, rituals, a country of history, geography, beautiful nature, healthy air & mouth watering cuisine. Hachiko Tourism is a newly established company working in the field of India tourism, working on new innovative tourism concepts. The upcoming projects of this firm will be a surprise to all tourists. Right now, it is starting with “Parashar Agri Tourism” in order to introduce the innocent joy of virgin culture to foreign and domestic tourists. So, to enjoy Indian culture… to perform Indian Rituals… to see actual India… rural India… to feel a sense of satisfaction… to refresh yourself with beautiful nature & for an innocent joy of virgin culture… human culture… agriculture… Hachiko Tourism welcomes you from bottom of India’s heart.


Hachiko is the name of the dog that was gifted to an agriculture professor, Mr. Hidesaburo Ueno, by a Buddhist monk in 1924 in Japan. Due to the close bond of love they shared, Hachiko greeted its master while his routine of university on railway station daily every morning and evening. The pair continued this daily ritual for 3 years, till the day Professor Ueno did not return. The professor had suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and died, never returning to the train station where Hachikō was waiting. Every day for the next nine years the dog waited at railway station. Hachikō became a national sensation. His faithfulness to his master’s memory impressed the people of Japan as a spirit of family loyalty all should strive to achieve. Hachiko died in 1934 but he has always been remembered for his unflinching loyalty since then.

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