Festival Celebrations at Parashar Agritourism, Junnar

Celebration is part of life. which enrich..refresh the life. to make your life more happy, Parashar Agritourism celebrates several festivals through out the year. Some festivals such as

NATURE FESTIVAL: June, July, August, Sept

Junnar known as “Sanitarium of India” due to its fresh & healthy air. As industrial development is totally banned in Junnar, nature is totally virgin. Perpendicularly in rainy season fleshy greenery, roaring water falls, beautiful flowers, unique ecology..and many more. Nature shows its marvelous ambiance with different color shades. Its not a part of read but its a taste of feel. Feel by five senses. Malshej Ghat, Nane ghat, Darya Ghat & other virgin places waiting to welcome you. Forest lunch, mountain climbing, wetting in rains…its virgin enjoy of virgin season.


Villages in India are core part of culture, traditions, customs. Village will tell you the journey of development of that location. in momth of August [Marathi month sharavan] when crops are in sound stage. prosperity spreads her wings everywhere. at that time the atmosphere becomes very enthusiastic. Then farmers get engaged themselves in bhajans, worshiping to Gods. where rally of God, meal to all, new cloths to all..fun of virgin peace is there. the whole festival is very colorful, cheering, and meditating to mind also.


When rains come, dry soil smells like heaven, farmers start to prepare lands for sowing of seeds, whole family getting engaged on farm. Groups of labors work together, lunch on bunds of farm or under the tree. That togetherness, same work & group lunch feel like a celebration of Farm festival on farm. its unique treat for agriculture lovers as they can participate in work..in lunch. after all its the season of sowing..planting ..not only crops but joy, relations & feelings too.


Diwali is festival of India. But have you know how a farmer celebrates his diwali? how he worships his farm, livestock? what snacks prepared in farmers kitchen? This season becoming cold in farms which feels very pleasant to body & mind also. you can enjoy like a part of farmers family.


When crop become mature hurry farmers is there to harvest it. everywhere you can see the emergency of harvest the crop. every farmer remains engaged in same activity. Fresh, virgin, grains, their smell. all this heavenly things you can feel in harvest festival. You can participate by harvestig the crops.


Hurda is the milk stage of Jowar [Sorghum] comb which taste very sweet && sugary. People become mad to taste it. Hurda with chutneys, pickles, shev adds taste to party. With Hurda, Lunch on farm, bullock cart rides .and many more fun to enjoy the farm culture..


100 acres of vineyards with attached grape bunches. export quality grapes, red grapes, black grapes, green grapes, everywhere grapes and grapes. Just imagine if you get the opportunity to pick these export quality grapes directly from vineyards by own hands & taste them how you want…so tempting na…instead of seeing dream you can directly enjoy this in actual. Grape festival is the unique festival celebrating at Parashar Agritourism. In addition to that you can see export packaging process & can purchase grapes how you want. lunch in vineyards, bullock cart ride, tractor trolly ride..and many more.


When season of farming get over, farmers become relaxed, they try to find the entertainment for them. During this period Yatra, Jatra, festivals organized by villagers at different villages. in these yatras adventurous games, colorful stalls, fun fare, tamasha [ very popular Maharashtrain Folk art] & enjoy. Bullock cart races & Tamasha are the main attractions of these yatra festivals.


When exams overs, parents wishes that our children will learn something new with enjoyment. Then search starts for such summer camps. So to fulfill the requirement of both parents & children we have plan of CURIOSITY CAMP where children can realize the value of farming as culture, source of food, rural life..and many more.

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