Enjoy with the five senses with Parashar Agri & Village Tourism for fun for relaxation.. for satisfaction & for recreation..

  • What to See?
  • What to Perform?
  • For Amateur Guests
  • For Entertainment
  • For watering mouth
  • Special Attractions with Parashar Agri & Culture Tourism

What to See?

  1. Well developed agricultural farm
  2. Different fruit crops, vegetables, flowers, grains, pulses & fodder crops.
  3. Different irrigation system farm pond
  4. Beautiful sunrise & sunset from machan
  5. Cow buffalo, sheep, Goat rearing
  6. Beautiful nature
  7. Bird observation
  8. Village structure administration, credit structure, co-operative structure, NDDB award winner Milk Dairy
  9. Weekly Markets
  10. Forest visit & lunch
  11. Jatra Festival
  12. Visit to historic places
  13. Junnar darshan (Shivneri fort, Ozar Lenyadri Ashtavinayak darshan, ancient temples)

What to Perform?

  1. Inhale fresh air at ‘Sanitarium of India’
  2. Perform seasonal activities on farm such as ploughing, harrowing, sowing, cutting, winnowing etc.
  3. Bullock cart riding
  4. Cleaning of cow sheds
  5. Feeding to animals
  6. Milking of cows
  7. Drinking of fresh milk
  8. Playing traditional games such as Ningorcha, Vitti Dandu, Bhovara, creation of agricultural tools by hand
  9. Plantation of trees
  10. Celebration of your special events

For Amateur Guests

  1. Facility for paintings
  2. One day trekking
  3. Atmosphere to write books/poems
  4. Space for photography

For Entertainment

  1. For overnight stay a quality event of Maharashtrian folk such as Jagaran, Gondhal, Powada, Bharud, Bhajan.
  2. At morning & evening soft music
  3. Celebration of festivals on farm
  4. Books for reading

For watering mouth

  1. Fresh Maharashtrian cuisine
  2. ”Maswadi” a popular dish of Junnar
  3. Pure Maharashtrian menu for breakfast
  4. Ayurvedik citronella tea to stimulate you
  5. Fresh farm food treat while sight seeing6. Maharashtrian chatani, pickle of mango, sweet dish

Special Attractions with Parashar Agri & Culture Tourism

  • Srujn Art Gallery with different painting forms available for sale.
  • Library with 1500 books on different subjects in Marathi, Hindi & English.
  • Chronology of Indian Agricultural Heritage 30000 BCE to 2000 CE by AAHF Display.
  • Kitchen Garden Demo & guidance
  • Meditation point and suitable atmosphere.
  • Rural Accessories Museum
  • Warli Painting workshops

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