Junnar Darshan

Junnar has been known as “Sanitarium of India” since British period for its strength of curing breathing problems. It boasts of 3000 years of prosperous history, beginning from the empires of the Maharashtrian kings, right from the first king Satvahan Raja. Its adventurous geography, with ranges of Sahyadri; Asia’s largest telescope GMRT; scenic beauty; healthy & fresh air; wide range of agriculture, from traditional farming of rice up to farming of export grapes; ancient religious places; ancient ghats, like Naneghat – a center for global trade – Junnar has it all. The region also boasts of the adventurous malshej ghat; Daryaghat, birth place of Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj; Shivneri Fort & 6 other forts; 5 beautiful water reservoirs and a unique culture.
In Junnar Darshan, we are aim to show the unseen Junnar, with focus upon the popular locations of the region.

  • Ane Ghat: India’s Largest Natural bridge made up in volcanic rock by water force, 11 km from us.
  • Palashi Village, Shilahar Caves: Historical architect, ancient temples & 8th century Shilahar caves , 35 km from us.
  •  Daryabai Padali:Lavanstmab” geographical miracle 35 km from us.
  • Potholes, Nighoj: Geographical phenomenon 35 km from us.
  • GMRT, Khodad:  World’s largest Radio telescope is 20 km from us. Only Friday visit on prior permission]
  • Narayangadh Fort: Peshva period fort 20km from us
  • Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Mahish Samadhi temple: 5 km from us
  • Shivneri Fort: Birth place of Chhtrapati Shivaji  Maharaj 35 km from us
  • Junnar: Historical city 30 km from us.
  • Jain Temple & Jain caves: 400 yrs old Jain temple & Jain caves 40 km from us.
  • Manmodi Caves: 2500 yrs old Manmodi Budhist & Jain caves 40 km from us.
  • Vighnhar, Ozar: One of the Ashtvinayaka Temple30 km from us.
  • Girijatmaj, Lenaydri:   One of the Ashtavinayaka temple & Bhudhist caves 40 km from us.
  • Gibson Garden:  India’s 1st forest officer’s garden 20 km from us.
  • Tulaja Caves: 2500 yrs old Budhist caves 55 km from us.
  • Chavand Fort: 60 km from us.
  • Kukadeshwar Temple:  Ancient temple & starting of Kukadi river 60 km from us.
  • Nane Ghat, Jivdhan fort: Ancient trading route of Satvahan dynasties 70 km from us.
  • Hadsar Fort, Nimgiri Fort, Shindola Fort, Kombad-Ranjan Fort- 50-60 km from us
  • Malshej Ghat: Natural rustic beauty 40 km from us.
  • And many more to explore here with nature..

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