Yatra Festival

A famous, colorful, cheering, holy, enjoyable, mouth watering, entertaining & adventurous Yatra festival is celebrated every year in villages during the summers. The unique bullock cart races are main attraction of these Yatra festivals, while Maharashtrian folk Tamasha is the main source of entertainment at the event. Traditional snacks at Yatra festival are “Godi shev & Revadi”, which are unique into themselves. Sometimes wrestling is also organized during Yatra festivals to appease sports aficionados. These Yatra festivals reflect the actual Indian culture to their core and give a glimpse of the lively culture prevalent in India’s heartland.

Here on 7 & 8th March 2012, on the occasion of HOLI, Yatra Festival is on at Parashar Agritourism, Junnar

Venue: Parashar Agritourism, Rajuri

Date: 7th & 8th March 2012

  • unique bullock cart races
  • Rally of bullock carts
  • colorful shops
  • fun fair enjoyment
  • tasty mouth watering “Godi shev & Revadi”
  • taste of “Puran-poli”
  • Tamasha Maharashtrian folk for entertainment.


  • 1 Day                                                  Rs. 700/person [half charge for children upto 10yrs]
  • 1 Day-1 Night                                         Rs.  1200/person [half charge for children upto 10yrs]
  • 2 Day-1 Night                                         Rs.  1600/person [half charge for children upto 10yrs]  


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Parashar Agritourism
Kalyan-Nagar Road, Rajuri, Tal:Junnar, Dist:Pune PuneMH412411 INDIA 
 • +91 - 9970 515 438

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